Mother Makes Lifesaving SOS Call For Son, 11, With Massive Jaw Tumor

(LINA) – Eleven year-old Alex Togba used to be a brilliant student but his dream for education is now in jeopardy due to a severe jaw tumor that is even posing a threat to his life.

And so, his mother Mariama Togba has been struggling to save her son’s life and will not rest until philanthropists, humanitarian organizations or any form of assistance is provided little Alex.

Jaw Tumors and Cysts are relatively rare growths or lesions that develop in the jawbone or the soft tissues in the mouth and face. Jaw Tumors and Cysts, sometimes called “Odontogenic Tumors” and Cysts, can vary greatly in size and severity.

Alex’s jaw tumor, according to his mother, started in November 2019 after a small cyst began to grow in his mouth while living with his family in Greenville, Sinoe County.

At first, Mariama taught her son was developing a toothache, but after only a month, she noticed that the little growth in his mouth was expanding beyond normal size.

She then took Alex to see a doctor and upon arrival at the hospital, the doctor advised that it was just an ordinary growth in his mouth and as such a prescription drug was given.

After she left the hospital, Mariama told the Liberia News Agency (LINA),  the medicine, which was intended to help reduce the pain that her son was feeling, did not work as planned as there was absolutely no improvement in his condition while the lump in his mouth continued to expand.

Mariama later took Alex back to the hospital in early February this year, hoping that doctors could do something about his illness because his condition continued to worsen and was becoming very terrible.

“When I got to the hospital again they checked him and gave us different medication (Antibiotics), I was instructed to give it to him daily and I followed the doctor’s instructions. However, there was still no improvement in his condition,” she narrated.

As Alex’s condition worsened by the day and with limited options for treatment, the situation became even more difficult due to the outbreak of the coronavirus disease in Liberia and compounded by the State-of-Emergency declared by the Government.

Due to these circumstances, Mariama, who was earlier advised by doctors to bring her son to Monrovia for further treatment, could not do so due to the lack of financial resources and the coronavirus lock-down imposed by national authorities.

“Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, the doctors said there is no active work at the hospital, but they prescribed medicines and also gave a few other drugs from the hospital,” she told LINA.

The condition of Mariama’s son has taken a toll on her as well, earlier the disorder prevented him from continuing his education as he could not attend classes due to bullying and even in the absence of being bullied the giant lump has by far disfigured the young lad’s face, confining him at home.

“Alex poor health makes me cry every time,” his mother moaned, and lamented that when she sees her son and knowing that he was not born with such a problem that is now putting her through a lot of challenges, she feels downhearted.

“My son is dying slowly in my hands. So, I am kindly asking all Liberians to please come and help to save the life of Alex. He is my first child. Whatever ways anybody can be of help to my son’s life I will highly appreciate. I have tried and even lost several other things all because of my son’s life threatening condition.”

Alex and his mother currently reside in the Dry Rice Market Community in Barnersville outside Monrovia.


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