Morlu’s ‘Seditious’ Statement On ‘President Weah’s Assassination’, Liberians Call NSA To Invite The Ruling Party Chairman

L/R: Nathaniel McGill, Minister of State for Presidential Affairs and Mulbah Morlu, National Chairman for the ruling CDC

To create a safe environment for all to live and enjoy the fruit of their labor, Liberians in and out of the country are calling on the National security Agency (NSA) to invite the National Chairman of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change Government (CDC), Mulbah Morlu to clarify as to his recent insinuation that a number of opposition politicians were planning to assassinate the country’s sitting president, George Manneh Weah.

Addressing journalists  recently at a well-attended news held at the headquarter of the CDC Chairman, Morlu named the opposition Liberty Party (LP), the former ruling Unity Party (UP) , and the Alternative national Congress (ANC) of being those behind the alleged plans to ‘Kill the President’.

According to him, supporters of these three collaborating political parties are seen on social media resulting to propaganda and scared tactics by discussing the assassination of the President , and as well calling on the people to wage war on the country.

Speaking further, Mulbah Morlu also accused partisans of these three political parties of discussing plans to take up arms and wage war; not because President Weah has done anything wrong, but because of their heightened hat for him.

The CDC National Chairman further claimed that it is due to such hate for President Weah that these opposition’s political parties are prepared to bring the country down to its knees, noting, “These are the enemies and anarchists that led Liberia to its era of demise during the 1970s and 80s. it was these failed progressive that provided the pave way for the demise of the country and then exploited the country,” Mr. Morlu claimed.

But Liberians who spoke to the GNN-Liberia over the weekend say they are troubled of the seditious statement being made by Mr. Morlu, noting that it is scaring, and also has the willpower to discourage any would be investors wishing to come to Liberia and invest.

“We are calling on authority at the National Security Agency (NSA) to please invite Mr. Morlu for questioning on his statement made against the opposition community on the alleged ‘Assassination’  of President Weah.  Liberians are tired of war and want peace,” Nathan S.T. Harmon in a rather serious tone told our reporter.

Also callers on a local radio station made similar request to the NSA for the CDC Chairman to be invited for his allegation against some prominent Liberian politicians that they are planning to to kill the President, noting that it was also the same Morlu who said he saw containers containing the missing billions currently being investigated and findings to be released going to a location which he said he knew.

“This allegation by Mr. Morlu should not be taken for granted, Liberians are tired of war, we all are forging for serious development, let Morlu be invited by the National Security to tell the Liberian people about his allegation being made against those he is accusing,” Martha Nagbe, a resident of Monrovia speaking the GNN-Liberia said.

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