More Heads To Roll, As U.S. Treasury Department Sanctions First Set Of Three Senior Officials – Washington Source

After series of reports by the GNN-Liberia on the sanctioning of several Liberian government officials who have reportedly plundered into the wealth of the country for their personal use, leaving majority  to be strangulated economically, while others are drowning in abject poverty as the perpetrators brag of their wealth, this week the United States Treasury Department sanctioned three senior Liberian officials for their alleged involvement in rampant public corruption in Liberia.

This latest decision from the Treasury Department to sanctions these officials who have publicly bragged of the misused of public funds has been welcomed by hundreds of Liberians who have publicly expressed their gratitude to the United States to bring to justice of people who finds pleasure of robbing the country of its wealth and resources for their personal gains.

According to GNN-Liberia multiple sources in the United States, particularly in Washington D.C. hinted our staff that this is the beginning of the numbers of persons to be sanctioned for their alleged involvement of corruption and the mismanagement of national access with impunity, while majority of the citizenry suffered in high organized poverty by the perpetrators.

Our sources also hinted that some  officials from the three branches of the Liberian Government (Executive, Legislature and the Judiciary) are also expected to face similar punishment from the United States Treasury Department, especially those who believed that they are untouchable of whatever they do, whether their actions affect the ordinary Liberians.

Recently, two of those sanctioned publicly bragged of stealing public funds, and further noted that said funds reportedly stolen from the national coffer are being used here in Liberia and instead of out of the country. Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Nathaniel Falo McGill and the Managing Director of the National Port Authority (NPA), Bill Twehway have been bragging of the misused of public funds and proud to live with the cultural of impunity.

As the case is now seems to be, Liberians are anxiously  watching out to see those who will be the next list.

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