Mooreplus Multimedia Releases Latest Movie ‘When I Die/Funeral Whistle’

The Producers of the most talked about and most televised television series in Liberia and other parts of Africa; Ecowas Wives. Is set to release a feature film titled WHEN I DIE (FUNERAL WHISTLE) a movie slated to be premiered on the 24th of September in Ghana.

A conversation with Director of this movie reveled that, the story is created in relation to how we deal with people on a daily basis when they alive, versus how we deal with people when they die.

Below is the movie trailer

Some of the stars of this movie are:

Df George, Gabriel Ishmael Jalloh, Pusska Kerina, Sylvia Efua Davis, Bernice Asamoah, Abiela Mardea Dwah, David K. Nutsuakor, Anthonio Adam Ledi, Odell Dorbor and many more others.

Media partners: GNN Liberia Global News Network, Mama Benz Tv, Omega Tv, North 85tv.

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