Monrovia Entrepreneurs Network Nominates Liberian Children’s Parliament Speaker for LYCA Award

By Emmanuel Mafelah | |

Speaker Doetein interacts with School going kids

The Liberian Children’s Parliament Speaker, Jutomue Doetein has been nominated by the Monrovia Entrepreneurs Network (MEN) for this year 2018 as Liberia Young Champion Award (LYCA) winner.

The Liberia Young Champion Award (LYCA) is an annual event of the Monrovia Entrepreneurs Network (MEN) that strongly appreciates and recognizes the work of delegated public servants, entrepreneurs, and local non-profit organizations in Liberia who have created change in their community and have proven exceptional leadership.

The LYCA is aimed at motivating, promoting, and sparking innovative young people and organizations for sustainable national development and self-reliance.
The Liberia Young Champion Awards at the same time recognized the efforts of young people, grassroots movements, young entrepreneurs, and local civil society organizations that are addressing specific needs within the length of Liberia.

Speaking to Journalists after his nomination, Jutomue Doetein said he was delighted to be nominated as an outstanding child right advocate in the country.

According to Speaker Doetein, he started child rights advocacy at age 11 in Gbarnga, Bong County, where he spoke for under privilege children until he was elected as chairperson of the children’s forum of Bong County, adding due to my work in 2017 I was elected as Speaker of the Liberian Children’s Representative Forum Formerly Liberian Children’s Parliament.

He boastful said over the years, he have advocated strongly for children’s rights in Liberia and he  has created awareness about children’s rights and responsibility across Liberia, where over 7, 000 children has benefitted, noting that he have also taken action to ensure the rights of Liberian children are well protected.

Speaker Doetein has vowed that he will not stop advocating for children rights in Liberia in other to end violence against children because they are the future leaders of Liberia.

“It is unfortunate as a child rights advocate to listen to radio, watch television, and see the rights of children violated on a daily basis.

He said some violence perpetrated against Liberian Children that he has watched in Liberia includes: Rape, sexual violence which happens every day in Liberia.

He said unfortunately those who make the laws sometimes are allegedly abusing the rights of Liberian children in the country.

”Physical punishment is another violence practice against children in Liberia, this kind of issue mostly comes from the interior or rural areas of Liberia, where parents do not have idea on the rights of children neither laws like the United Nations Convention on the rights of a child and other legal instruments.”

Liberian Children’s Parliament Speaker used the occasion to call on national   government and its partners to pay attention to children in Liberia and create programs to promote the rights of children in the country.

Doetein revealed that Child Rights in some parts of Liberia is like a taboo adding sadly the implementations of Laws, Policy, and legal instruments gear toward protecting the rights of children have been a serious problem to ending violence against Liberian Children.

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