Monrovia Becomes The City Of Horror, As Hardcore Criminals Terrorize Residents

Flash Back: Group of armed robbers arrested in Monrovia byb police

Monrovia, Liberia’s commercial city and the only capital city for now has become a city of horror as hardcore with deadly weapons fearlessly roam the streets of the city challenging our local security with their deadly weapons including cutlasses in the bid to rob residents of the city of anything they can lay their hands on.

The city center, particularly in communities like Clay, Randall, Gurley, Perry streets and Camp Johnson Road have become  no zones for armless residents, while dozens of criminals in their armed gears robustly roam the streets every night in their quest to taken away cash and any valuables.

Few months ago the headquarters of the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) on Clay Street was burglarized by men who residents of the area said were heavenly armed with guns, cutlasses and other dangerous weapons taken away computers, cameras and other communication gargets that were donated by partners of the Union. Up to present there has been no information of any arrest by the police in connection to the PUL burglary.

GNN investigation has uncovered that the City of Monrovia and its occupants are indeed vulnerable to any outburst from the hands of criminals, as the presence of officers of the Liberia National Police around the city, and other security officers are invincible whenever you travel at night around the city and its environs, a situation which dangerous to the security of the state and its people.

Some residents of the City of Monrovia who spoke to the GNN are expressing fear of the lack of security in Monrovia and its environs, wondering as to why should the national government pay less attention about the wellbeing of the people’s security, “This government is setting a very bad precedence; for not taken seriously the security concern of its citizens. You highly find police in the street after 12am, this is very serious”, a resident of Monrovia speaking to the GNN wondered

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