Monbtserrado County Lawmaker  Links To Money Laundry, Deposits Counterfeits At Local Bank

Capitol Building

A Representative of Montserrado County has been accused of money laundry after it was discovered last Wednesday, December 16, 2020 that this Representative’s aid, name withheld had taken unspecified amount of the United States Dollars to a local Bank on the Bushrod Island for deposit, but was later discovered by the bank teller that the amount in question was mixed with huge counterfeits.

According to our source, when Representative in question was asked about this situation, our source said the money in question was a check he  encashed at the  Central Bank of Liberia (CBL), believing that the alleged counterfeits being discovered was linked to the CBL.

In our subsequent report, the name of  the lawmaker involved in this act will be published after making all efforts to contact those who have reportedly been linked.

Investigation continues

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