MoldoMoldova’s Prime Minister Resigns And Government Collapses Amid Ongoing Crises

Moldova’s prime minister resigns and government collapses amid ongoing crises

Moldova’s government  collapsed Friday as pro-Western Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilita resigned after 18 months in power, a period marked by economic turmoil and tensions sparked by the war in Ukraine.

Gavrilita told a news conference that the “time has come for me to announce my resignation” and said no one expected her government, elected in the summer of 2021, “would have to manage so many crises caused by Russian aggression in Ukraine.”

A long string of problems marked Gavrilita’s premiership. The country of 2.5 million has suffered from soaring inflation and was strained last year by an influx of Ukrainian refugees.

It has also struggled to move away from Russian gas and has dealt with power cuts caused by air strikes on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure. Moldova neighbours Ukraine, and its energy system is interconnected with it.

Moldova has also dealt with missiles from the war in Ukraine crossing its skies.

On Friday morning, two Russian cruise missiles flew over Moldova’s airspace before entering Ukraine, according to Kyiv’s military chief, after it was fired from the Black Sea.

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