‘Missing’ man found at Sime Darby Plantation

A man who went missing, identified as Mark Gibson, last week that led to a protest at  Sime Darby Plantation Liberia has been found. The superintendent of Bomi county Mr. Samuel Brown told reporters.

He was said to have gone missing a week ago after security arrested him for being the ring leader for stealing the company’s palm.

Following the arrest, citizens in the area released a local ‘mask’ traditionally referred to as devil. When such mask person who commands some magical power is put out in a community, all non members of the society go indoor for fear of being taken away by the ‘devil’.  Only members are allowed to stay outdoors.

When Gibson was arrested,  the traditional community released the ‘devil’ or fearful mask man outside. This led to everyone, including Sime Darby Security as well as employees to flee  for their lives.  It was at this point that Gibson escaped.

After a day, citizens  protested that  Gibson be brought since he was arrested by the company’s security.  After few days of search into the bushes, he was seen alive and handed over to government representative in the county.

Mr. Samuel Brown, superintendent of Bomi county called on the citizens to be  very law abiding in dealing with matters in the county. “You need to be patient in whatever you do. We want to commend the company for suspending  the  security man who arrested the man,” Brown said.

He also commended  the citizens for helping to search for Gibson.

Last week’s   protest at the plantation  was not the first time. Last year,  a lady went ‘missing’ after completing her treatment at the Company’s health center.  Several hectors  of the planation were put on fire. This annoyed the former president, Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to issue stern warning to the citizens. The citizens later apologized to the company after the lady was found.

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