Missing LD16 Billion Dilutes President George Weah’s Popularity, As Supporters Speak Out

President George M. Weah

Since the mysterious disappearance of Sixteen Billion Liberian Dollars under the watchful eyes of the CDC-led government of Africa’s popular soccer star, and Liberia’s soccer legend and President George Manneh Weah, Liberians and some foreign residents are said to be pondering over such a degrading situation which is yet to be properly explained as to the whereabouts of this alleged missing billions.

As Liberians on a daily basis are murmuring over the missing billions, while majority of the nation’s population drowns in abject poverty, a team of GNN staff in series of sampling interviews with some residents of Monrovia’s slum communities of West Point, Clara town, New Kru Town and other communities, many of them who spoke to the GNN publicly expressed disappointment in what they said is unfolding.

Residents of these communities were the crowd pullers of the presidential bid of president Weah during the election that brought him to power, noting of their heartfelt disappointment in the ‘Country Giant’ for his many missed steps; by allowing many of his confidants to drag him into what they citizens called a mud of public disgrace.

Speaking about the missing billions, the residents in furthering their angers about situation in Liberia nowadays, said many of the unwarranted happenings taken place in the presence of the President without bringing to book of those who have vowed publicly to plunder into the wealth of Liberia with remorse and are living with the culture of impunity has tainted his reputation that he has built over the years to be loved.

“President Weah has disappointed many of us who cherished him over the years, and made sure that he captures state power, the President, George Manneh Weah needs to sifter some of his men who are claiming to love he so much, but slowly killing him; these officials are not doing him well,” Ma Sara Toe of the Grebo ethnic group believed to be in his late 60s speaking through an interpreter told the GNN at her Clara Town residence.

“Why is it taking too long to release the report on the missing money?”  Nathaniel Harris of the same community pondered over the delay of releasing the findings on the missing billions told our staff, while at the same time Mr. Harris also urged President Weah to be proactive in dealing with issues, especially his closed allies, many of whom he said sole objectives are to rob the country at the detriment of the poor people.

Similar reactions were also heard from residents of most of the communities visited by our staff, as some of those who spoke called on the President to disallow people whose interest is to plunder the wealth of the people under the guise  of being the ‘Pro-Poor Advocates’ but instead they are only opting for themselves and their immediate families.

“We love the President so much, but he has to change his political gear on those who will be perceived as money eaters, and are only in government to enrich themselves at the detriment of this our President, George M. Weah, “Rebecca Sonpon of the Borough New Kru Town who appeared hopeful for the success of the CDC led Government told our staff during an interview with a cross section of residents of both West Point and New Kru Town communities also called on the President do all in his powers for the discovery of the missing money.

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