‘Missing 16 Billions’ Is Now A History? As Whereabouts Still Unknown

Protesters marched to the US embassy to complain about the missing billions

What is noted of Liberians is when something happens which appeared usual, such usually happenings take the center stage at most gathering, with many allegations and counter-allegations as to though it would never come any logical conclusion.

This scenario is the issue of the much publicized ‘missing 16 billion Liberian dollars’ which from its genesis took the nation to its heel; some individuals both in the private and public sectors said they knew it whereabouts by saying they knew where the ‘invincible’ container containing this alleged money went.

Ex-CBL Official, Charles Sirleaf (Son of former Liberian leader, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf) being handcuffed for the missing billion

Headlines of various newspapers on the missing billions became catches as everyone also glued to their radio sets hoping to getting the real facts about the missing billion; misinformation on the issue overtook the government, with one officials saying 10 billion while others also agreeing on the 16 billion that was reported missing.

This alleged missing billion also created a mass protest from the Liberian people demanding the government to bring back the money allegedly missing, complaint of the missing money was also filed to the international community, the United States embassy accredited near Monrovia, the United Nations, ECOWAS and other donor partners to called on the Liberian government to bring back the missing money.

As this situation became tensed, the embassy of the United States on the 28th of February, 2019 released its report noting that ‘No Information to Support Allegations Containers of Money Missing’.

Noting further, the embassy said that the independent auditing firm, Kroll’s analysis of the delivery documents provided by the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) confirms that while new banknotes totaling LRD 15.506 billion were received into the CBL’s reserve vaults, the auditing firm found no information to support allegations that a container of banknotes went missing.

Read the full statement of the U.S. embassy below:

What is pondering many Liberians about this missing billion is it outcome by the Liberian government. Is it now a history, and that nothing can be heard about it any more?

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