Miss Liberia Wokie Dolo apologizes for using profanity on people who say she is pregnant for President Weah

Miss Liberia Wokie Dolo -YOUNG HUMANITARIAN OF THE YEAR 2019

A day after she was heard on social media, particularly on YouTube  using profanity on those whom accused of been pregnant, Miss Liberia Wokie Dolo has publicly apologized to the public .

In her statement of apology issued, Miss Liberia Dolo said, “I, Miss Wokie Dolo, Miss Liberia 2017 I want to apologize to the people of Liberia and appeal to them for their forgiveness because of my unfortunate response to the rumors about my relationship with the President of Liberia; In the midst of the rumors, anger and rage overtook me and I made a bad response.

As a National Image Bearer, I am to act always to promote the good image of Liberia. I must be driven by reason rather than emotion. What I should have said and am saying now is that I have no romantic relationship with the President of Liberia. I call upon the people of Liberia to engage in finding out the truth and tell it out in the face of rumors. Once again, I apologize to the people of Liberia and appeal for their forgiveness. I promise to not repeat my mistake,” the statement concluded.

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