Minister Rennie Rubbishes Social Media Report On President Weah’s Bid For Another Wife

Flash Back: Jackie Appia and President Weah after winning the Liberian presidency

In other to adequately verify social media report that the Liberian leader, President George Manneh Weah has reportedly planned to taken another wife in addition to his Jamaican wife, Clar Marie Weah upon his return from abroad, the Minister of Information, Ledgerhood Julius Rennie has rubbished the report, blaming such negative report on the part of the opposition politicians.

Speaking to GNN via mobile phone Monday, December 5, 2022, Minister Rennie said all of these negative reports about the CDC-led Government have been initiated by members of the opposition political members who he noted do not want to see any good thing from the Government.

This week, a Nigerian TikToker, with over 500,000 followers has alleged that a gorgeous Ghanaian actress, Jackie Appiah has taken her relationship with President Weah to the next stage by allegedly becoming his second Wife, and further alleged that President George Weah is planning to wed Ghanaian actress Jackie Appiah as his second wife.

According to the Nigerian TikToker, Mr. George Weah and Jackie have been in a relationship since 2016 when Mr. Weah was a senator in Liberia. This report has set Ghanaian social media ablaze alleging that Jackie Appiah is set to marry the Liberian President on December 10.

Other social media users have even report that a modern house recently dedicated by Jackie in Accra, worth millions of Dollars, was allegedly built by President Weah.

For over five years now, news of the Weah-Jackie relationship has been trending on the internet with no response from the Liberian Government or President Weah himself on these kinds of disgraceful and embarrassing reports.

Pres. Weah is under pressure for the bad economic outlook of the country; as well as his prolong absent from the country.

The citizens say they are tired of having a president whose name continued to be mentioned in unproductive things.

They called on him to busy himself with doing the Liberian people’s work and stop embarrassing the country.

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