Millsburg Public School Receives Donation

The Millsburg Outreach International Incorporated has donated several desks worth thousands of United States Dollars to the Millsburg Public School in the township of Millsburg, Mintserrado County in collaboration with Montserrado County District 17 Representative Hanson Keizolu.

Making the donation, the Founder of the local charity, Mrs. Whanga Mitchell Tray said this goodwill gesture was her organization own way of fulfilling its unweaving commitment to assist the township by transforming it through educational.

Mrs. Tray, a daughter of Millsburg who also is a former student of the school, noted, “I was always delighted to be part of the transformation of this institution and the township,” she told the students during the donation of the class room furniture.

The Millsburg Outreach Founder at the same time joyfully informed the gathering of her decision to provide two bedrooms for teachers commuting from Monrovia to serve the school.

For his part, the township Commissioner of Millsburg Gordon Cisco thanked Mrs. Tray and her organization for the donation, while extending appreciation to Representative Hanson Kiazolu for his level of commitment and support thus far to those who entrusted him with state power.

At the same time informed the lawmaker of challenges the township faced with, though been the 2nd oldest settlements in Liberia. He named the lack of safe drinking water, public toilet facility ever at the school for pupils.

Commissioner Cisco said for too long the Millsburg has suffered for sitting capacity, noting the school had to borrow chairs and benches from nearby residents, stressing,  “This has seriously hampered the leaning process of our children over time he noted,” Commissioner Cisco also highlighted the issues of constraints teachers are faced with.

He said some teachers on government payroll, but do not receive salary, while others volunteering have not been given anything as a way of motivating them. According to him, five teachers are volunteering, while four are said to be on government payroll.

The Millsburg Commissioner and other citizens pleaded with Representative Kiazolu to make some interventions to help address the prevailing situation.

According to him, the school’s standard was been dropped from 9th grade to 6th due to the lack of teachers.

They also launched an appeal to Representative Kiazolu to replace the school three wooding doors to steel gates to ensure security at the facility.

According to them, residents have over time raised funding to address leakage on the roof of the school, but appealed with their Representative to help with the ceiling partly dropping.

Presenting the desk, Representative Kiazolu promised to help address the issues of the teachers, but admonished the residents to provide adequate information on the matter.

Rep. Kiazolu commended parents and, teachers and the school authorities as well as the students for the resolve to peruse and support education quest despite numerous challenges.

“I saw the passion and eagerness in the kids to acquire quality education, but lack the opportunities others have, he pointed out”.

Responding to the appeal for a steel gate and zinc, Representative Kiazolu immediately instructed the school to take the measurement of the door, promising to provide it in a week time.

The district lawmaker lamented that students were trekking long distances to acquired education.

He told the gathering of plans to construct a three bed room school in Zinc camp amidst cheering from the audience.

Children of school going age trek from Zinc camp for more than thirty minutes to school in Zuannah town in ClayAshland.

Representative Kiazolu said the groundbreaking for the school will be held shortly after the town people have informed him on an appropriate date.

The former Comptroller has meanwhile admonished residents to engage in self-help initiatives to help fill in the gap while government budgetary support are been process.

He challenged the Millsburg residents to undertake communal agriculture program where farmers can network for the benefit the majority of the community through desire projects.

Kiazolu promised his support to such undertaking by lobbying with agriculture ministry authorities to buttress their effort.

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