MICAT Suspends SAJJ License For ‘Discriminating Against Liberian Black Woman’

The Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism (MICAT) has suspended the tourism license of SAJJ House Bar and Restaurant and shut down its operations following a complaint filed by some aggrieved women accusing the entertainment center of discriminating against Liberian and black women.

The suspension of SAJJ house license comes after a group of protesting women brought to the attention of MICAT an alleged policy of SAJJ house that prohibits single black women from entering the entertainment center without a male companion, but the same don’t apply to white women.

SAJJ house has been under criticism recently after three women took to social media accusing the entertainment center of having a sexist and racist policy that discriminates against black and Liberian women.

Satta Wahab the CEO of NAZ Naturals took to social media and explained that she and her two friends, Shari Raji, an engineer of Sime Darby Plantation, and Letitia Gibson, an entrepreneur, were denied entry at SAJJ on grounds that they were not accompanied by male partners.

Satta explained that while she and her friends were being denied entry, a single white lady came and was allowed to enter without even been asked a question.

After Satta explained she and her friends’ ordeal on social media several other women also took to the same medium and explained the ‘humiliation’ they had suffered at the hands of SAJJ “racist and sexist policy”.

The management of SAJJ has since issued a statement denying that it has a racist or sexist policy.

SAJJ said it only have measures in place to prevent women who are indecently dressed from entering their premises and a policy to regulate the crowd at SAJJ.

SAJJ in their statement apologized to Satta and her friends and all other women that hves been subjected to treatment by their (SAJJ) security guards.

Some aggrieved men and women on Friday protested against SAJJ “racist and sexist policy” and called for its closure until SAJJ can abolish such policy.

However, MICAT Tourism department has said that its investigation has revealed that SAJJ did implement such policy which, according to t MICAT, is discrimination that violates the laws of Liberia.

MICAT Tourism department says after meeting with the management of SAJJ and the protesting women, it has decided to suspend SAJJ license and shut down their operations until a fine of US$3,000 is paid into government’s revenue and a apology to the affected women group (s) be published in at least two newspapers.

The ministry wants SAJJ institute a project of not less than US$2, 500 to identify and support a NGO that works with disadvantage young women.

MICAT Tourism department, however, noted that SAJJ will remain closed until it meets the condition of the ministry.

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