MICAT Boss, Piah Wants Dismissed EPS Agents Go Through Due Process

By AMOS Harris |

Liberia’s Minister of Information Cultural Affairs and Tourism (MICAT), Jerolinmek  M. Piah  has  called  on all  those  affected  Agents  of  the Executive  Protective   Service (EPS) to  channel  their   grievances  through  the due  process of law, and further stressed that the entity is a unique  presidential  unit  charged  with  the  responsibility  to  protect  the president of Liberia  and also to be a law abiding security  agent .

Minister Piah spoke recently during the MICAT regular press briefing on Capitol Hill, he noted that the two hundred   dismissed EPS  agents  did  not  meet  the  demand  requirement.

He further  said  that  the  requirement  laid down by the executive  protective  service spells  out  that Agents   should be a Liberian at the  age of 18-35  and a high school  graduate  or above  and they  should  also undergo  six  months  training.

The information  boss also  revealed  that  the  strength  of  the EPS  agents   during   former   President  Ellen Johnson  Sirleaf  was  four  hundred and  between  2018  the  strength  dupe and  as such  when  this new  administration  took  over  by  Sam  Gaye  they  were  concern  about  the  quality of  some  of the  EPS  officers.

According to  Minister  Piah   those  agents  who  services were  terminated,  presented  fixed  credential  including WAEC  certificate, and those credential  were  investigated and  the  institution  found  out that  those EPS  agents  were  not  a  high  school  graduate.

He said  if  the action  taken  against  the EPS agents is   illegal  they have the right  to  take  the  case to  the  court  for redress.

Minister Piah  noted that there is a recourse  under   the  law  that can  solve  the  problem  of the  EPS  Agents   instead of   politicizing  the issues , adding  these  explanations are  not  to render  Judgment.

Meanwhile, he said  three  hundred  former EPS  Agents  who were in possession  of arms  were  threatening  people  that if  they come  across  them  they  will have  themselves   to blame.

Some of the EPS  Agents  were  arrested  noting  that  guns are  given  for operation  purposes.

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