Megaphone Users Overwhelm Monrovia, As ‘Cooked Dog Meat’ Seller Dramatizes His Business 

Liberians nowadays are doing everything possible to getting food on their respective tables by venturing into whatever business they can find, as the older doing their best, the younger ones are keeping themselves busy with any kind of business they can get hold of.

According to historical perspective, both Samuel Morland and German Jesuit scholar Athanasius Kircher invented crude megaphones in the 17th century around 1655. Thomas Edison, nearly 200 years later in 1878, came up with the name “megaphone” when he used the horn-shaped “speaking trumpet” to help people who were hard of hearing to hear better.

Now in Liberia, these products (Megaphones) have overwhelmed every sector of the Liberian business community with many, meanly the young people gladly using same to easily sell their goods and services.

Interestingly, over the weekend the loudness of a megaphone as usual was heard in one of the Monrovia suburbs echoing another kind of business; the selling of a cooked dog meat, as I drove through the community, a recorded voice of a female was repeatedly echoing, “Delicious dog meat here for small money, come over, we also have roasted and cooked dog meat”, this message via that megaphone amused many with laughter.

Speaking to one of the users of the product who said he is a 9th grade dropped out student and is using this new type of advertisement via megaphone to help him raise some cash for his return in class, noting, “I am using this method to sell mobile recharge cards and minutes, at least with this, any amount I realize it will help me to return to class”, the boy believed to be in his 20s and declined to be named told the GNN.

These new technologies are also seen in commercials buses replacing cars loaders through the calling out of passengers for their various locations, especially during the morning and evening hours.

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