Meet The Youngest Female Director General At Liberia’s State Owned Broadcaster – Madam Estelle Liberty Kemoh

‘Yes Indeed What Man Can Do Woman Can Also Do The Same, Even Better’ this was the saying of one of the employees of the Liberia Broadcasting System (LBS), the state broadcaster, lauding the tremendous and professional services of the Director General of the LBS, Madam Estelle Liberty Kemoh.

This week as one of the regular profile segments of your most informative online news platform,, we once again bring to light one of the most productive administrators in the CDC-led government, a situation that gave rise for this profile.

Speaking to some employees and friends of this media outlet, many overwhelmingly praised Madam Kemoh for transformation at the state broadcaster, noting that since her appointment by the Liberian leader, H.E. Dr. George Manneh Weah in 2018, her administrative services at this media entity have been appreciated by Liberians and other foreign residents.

Her vow made during her take over as Director General of LBS from the outgoing DG; Ledgerhood Rennie, Madam Kemoh vowed to maintain the Legacy of outgoing LBS Director General, in transforming the State-owned Broadcasting Entity, a vow she has kept since her ascendancy, making sure that everyone of the promises made by her are achieved.

In collaboration with her deputies who were also appointed by the Liberian Chief Executive, this management team under madam Kemoh is extremely doing well in keeping the state broadcaster more functioning, making its services available to Liberians and the outside world with professionalism in its service delivering pact.

Honored by The Girls Alliance for Future Leadership:  Mary Broh, Estelle Kermoh, Yar Gorway-Gono and Evelina Gugliemo

Under her leadership, a modern television station as well as its first national entertainment station, Metro FM 89.9. was officially opened in line with the branding of the entity’s five-year strategic plan, which has been devoted to the station with backing from the People’s Republic of China.

In her remarks during the official program of the opening, the madam said the Metro radio project is part of a long-term and successful bilateral engagement between Liberia and the Chinese government. “Today’s dedication was made possible by President George M. Weah’s support and interest in prioritizing LBS, as well as his long-standing bilateral relationship with the People’s Republic of China. As a consequence, today is a celebration of the value convergence of national ownership and initiative that you have sought in our bilateral cooperation, as well as a new type of experimentation in our national development,” madam Kemoh told the gathering at the program.

According to her, the government must mobilize and commit resources to the LBS management, either through a public-private partnership or directly, in order for their institution to offer strategic direction for Liberia’s migration process.

“We wish to congratulate President Weah’s generous intervention for the quick rehabilitation and improvement of the two rusty and abandoned television live recording facilities that have been ignored for more than 30 years,” she said.

A former newscaster at a private radio station, Power Radio and Television, Madam Kemoh made her hallmark as one of Liberia’s prolific news anchors whose news presentation was always admired by viewers; this made many Liberians and foreign residents to appreciate her level of journalism, and smartness in the sector.

Her appointment by the Liberian leader, President George Manneh Weah as Liberia Broadcasting System Director General, this move did not surprise many Liberians stressing that her appointment by the President is welcoming, noting that she

is well suited to that position, and further poured praises on her and the rest of the other young Liberians at this state broadcasters.

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