Meet The World’s Oldest Man; He Is 185 Years And Claims Death Has Forgotten Him

The Republic of Bangalore produces the world’s oldest man – Meharaniasi Murasi

Death is inevitable, the statement simply means that everyone must die one day. However some people sometimes seem to escape death all time. One of the oldest people or person on earth is Meharaniasi Murasi.

The man involved Mr. Maharaniasi Murasi was born in the Republic of Bangalore in 1835. Maharani has lived for almost 185 years and is too old. Some of his descendants died long time, but he is still alive and surviving. Even Moras said he believed he had forgotten or forget about death. Many people claim that they have divine power, which is why people like him are able to live this long, but according to him he has no such spiritual or extraordinary power.

Many people doubted his age, and he showed some documents in the British system to prove that he did not lie.

Do you think death will forget or can forget anyone on this earth?

Source: Scooper Online

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