Meet One Of Liberia’s Youngest Professors At The University Of Liberia : Josephus Moses Gray – A Profile

GNN Liberia is once again overwhelmed to profile Professor Josephus Moses Gray, Ph.D, a native born Liberian, hails from the Southeastern Village of Kayken, Barclayville District in Grand Kru County, Republic of Liberia. He has achieved the highest level of academic mastery in his chosen field, and works as a university professor with impressive credentials including a Ph.D. (Summa Cum laude) in International Relations and Diplomacy from the HELP-CEDS Graduate School (Center for Diplomatic and Strategic Studies) in Paris, Republic of France, a pioneering graduate school in the field of international relations and political science is  an accredited postgraduate school and a think tank n diplomacy and international relations.

HELP-CEDS located at 10 rue Sextius Michel 75015  is based on three values that it defend today: A civil school, an innovative school and a school of excellence. In 1899. A woman, Jeanne Weill, better known under the pseudonym of Dick May, created the Ecole des Hautes Etudes Sociales, which she set up on rue de la Sorbonne in Paris. It is member of the Conférence des Grandes Écoles (CGE) which has a membership of 227 educational institutions.

HELP-CEDS holds an accreditation from the French Ministry Authorities and Higher Education establishments in Paris, is situated in the heart of Europe’s classy and technical city of Paris, Republic of France, while the alumni of this institution are holding strategic regional, continental and global portfolios including state presidents, foreign ministers, permanent representatives to the UN and other international bodies, ambassadors, professors, presidents of higher institutions of learning, military-generals, etc. The school confers degrees from which high-profile personalities including: Dr. María Ángela Holguín, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Permanent Representative to the UN and former Interim President of Colombia; Dr. Naela Chohan, High Commission for Pakistan to Australia,  Ambassador of Pakistan to Argentina, Peru, Ecuador and Uruguay; Dr. Sidi Tiémoko Touré, Ivorian Minister of Fisheries and Animal Resources; Dr. Idriss Aberkane(holds triple Ph.Ds) French consultant, lecturer, author and journalist; Dr. Gabriela Dancău, Romanian Ambassador to Spain, Italy, Malta, and San Marino; Dr. Mickael Strauss, Advisor to the UN Special Rapporteur and BGen. Dr. Robert Mansour, Director of Signals at Lebanese Armed Forces and Dr. Adeyemi E. Adebayo of the  Foreign Ministry of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, while Nigerian Foreign Ministry sponsored its foreign service officers at the Nigerian Embassy in Paris to CEDS for their postgraduate education.

Dr. further holds a Master’s Degree in International Relations and Bachelor’s Degree in Communication (Print Journalism) from the University of Liberia. He also holds dozen of diplomas and certificates in Foreign policy Studies, international relations, diplomacy, print journalism, development communication, research methodology, and leadership from Paris, France; Genera, Switzerland; Beijing, China; Washington, D.C., USA; Cape Town, South Africa; Rabat, Morocco; Accra, Ghana; Dakar, Senegal and Monrovia, Liberia. He currently serves as Associate Professor of international relations at the University of Liberia and Dean of Liberia College (College of social Sciences and Humanities), University of Liberia. He earlier served as Senior Policy Advisory to the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Republic of Liberia, and as a Senior Research Fellow at the International Institute of Research for Strategic and Foreign Policy Studies in Paris, France. Dr. Gray has worked in several strategic positions in both public and private sectors including Senior Policy Advisor to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Liberia, Assistant Foreign Minister for Public Affairs; Political Counselor at the Embassy of Liberia in Paris, France, and Charge D’ Affairs at Liberia Permanent Mission to the Swiss Federation and the United Nations in Genera, Switzerland. He has wildly written and published over 300 per-reviewed articles in local and international journals and three books. His recent book characterizes the existing relationships among Liberia, China and the United States of America as “triangular.


PhD (Distinction) in International Relations and Diplomacy (2019)

Ph.D. Dissertation: The Effect of Diplomacy: Liberia, US, China’s Triangular Relations

Dissertation Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Fouad NOHRA (email:  

School address CEDS Graduate School, 10 rue Sextius Michel 75015 PARIS.

Phone (+33)1 47 20 78 47 and (+33)1 47 20 78 47/ Web address:

Members of dissertation the committee were:

  1. Dr. Fouad NOHRA (French)…….. associate professor at Paris Descartes university, Academic Director of CEDS, (Chair of the dissertation committee).Dr. Nohra Supervised my dissertation. Email:
  2. Dr. Souha AKIKI (French), President of Paris Graduate School/ Innovative Knowledge Institute, Member and Professor at CEDS, email: Email:
  3. Dr. Prof. Michael STRAUSS (American), Professor at CEDS), Professor of international law and international relations at the CEDS ASCE Interview Series Dr. Prof. Michael Strauss – ASCE ( Email:
  4. Dr. Michael LEBEDEV (French), Senior Diploma at UNESCO headquarters in Paris and Professor at CEDS, Email:

MA (International Relations/2008), University of Liberia Graduate School, Monrovia

Master’s Thesis: The Consequences of the Liberian Civil War

Thesis Supervisor: Dr. Sarr Abdulai Vandi (Former Director, IBB Graduate School)

School Address: Capitol Hill, Monrovia, Liberia/ Web address:

BA (Mass Communication/Print Journalism–2002), University of Liberia

Undergraduate’s Thesis: The Impact of Print Media on Democracy in Liberia

Thesis Supervisor: Prof. Joe W. Mulbah (Former Chair, Department of Mass Communication)

School Address: Fendall Campus, Monrovia, Liberia

Web address:


Advance Certificate in Modern Journalism (2006), ICFJ, Washington, D.C. USA

Diploma in Modern Diplomacy, (2008), Chinese Foreign Affairs University, Beijing, China

Certificate in International Relation (2016), CEDS Graduate School, Paris, France

Certificate in Practical Research (2017),  Bibliotheque International Library, Paris, France

Certificate Program: Digital Journalism (2006) World Newspaper Editors Forum. Cape Town, South Africa


  •  Democratic Governance and National Development in Post-war Liberia
  • The Effect of Diplomacy: Liberia, US, China’s Triangular Relations
  • The Consequences of the Unforgotten Liberian Civil War
  • The Tale of Violence Against Liberian Media:
  • The Curse of bad Governance and Rampant corruption in Africa
  • China and African Countries independent Exploration of Development Path


  • Liberia’s Emerging Democracy: published in Paris, France 2012
  • Effect of Diplomacy, published 2021 by Amazon, Washington State, USA


  •  The New Dimension: Beijing Influence in Liberia
  •  Analysis of China’s Belt and Road Initiative and its Impact on Liberia’s Infrastructure  Development


  • Established Liberia College’s Newsletter
  • Serves as Editorial; Consultant/ Editor-In Chief


  • International Journal of Research and Innovation in Social Sciences(IJROSS)
  • International Research Journal of Public and Environmental Health
  • edu located on 580 California St, Suite 400, San Francisco, USA


  • Africa-China Think Tanks Forum, Beijing, People’s Republic pf China
  • International Confucian Institute, Rabat, Kingdom of Morocco.


  • A Comprehensive Analysis of the Impact of ELearning at the University of Liberia
  • Analysis of the Similarities and Disparities: the tale of Liberian Press and Global Media practices
  • Analysis of the Impact and Intricacies of Liberian Foreign policy and international Relations over the last 75 years
  • Comparison and Contrast of China and Liberia’s Contemporary Global Status: Analysis of CPC’s Scientific Theories


  • Supervised about 38 graduates of IBB Graduate Program of theses from 2018-2021.
  •  Supervised three graduates from graduate Program in Education thesis in 2019-2020 academic year.
  • And two BA thesis from African Methodist University and United Methodist University in 2020-2021 academic year.


  • Co-chair, Board of trustees, Grand Kru technical College, Liberia
  • Member, UL Graduate School Research Journal, University of Liberia
  • Editorial Consultant, Liberia College Newsletter, Monrovia, Liberia
  • Doyen, Council of Deans of the University of Liberia, Monrovia, Liberia
  • Associate member, Press Union of Liberia, Monrovia, Liberia
  • Chair, Board of Directors, New Vision Newspaper Publishing Media, Monrovia
  • Member, The Inquirer Newspaper Board of Directors, Monrovia, Liberia


  • Africa-China Think Tanks Forum (2019), Beijing, China

Topic: China’s Belt and Road Initiative and its Impact on Liberia’s Infrastructure Development

  • International Confucian Institute, Rabat, Kingdom of Morocco (2019).

Topic: Liberia: The New Era of China-Liberia Relations – a Story of Friendship and Cooperation

  • University of Liberia, Defense Ministry and Nigerian Military College Joint Forum(2019)

Topic: Democratic Governance and National Development in Post-war Liberia: A Lesson for Nigeria

  • Gabriel L Dennis Foreign Service Institute Lecturer Forum(2019), Monrovia

Topic: The New Dimension: Beijing Influence in Liberia:


2020—Now:   Dean of Liberia College of Social Sciences and Humanities, University of Liberia

2021— Now:  C0-Chair, Board of Trustees, Grand Kru Technical College

2020—2022:  Acting Chair, Department of English, University of Liberia

2019—2020:  Assistant Professor/ Full- Faculty, University of Liberia

2015—2017:  Senior Policy Advisor to the Foreign Minister of Liberia

2012—2013:  Minister Counselor/ Liberian Permanent Mission in Geneva, Switzerland

2010—2015:  Political Counselor, Liberian Embassy, Paris, France

2008—2010:  Assistant Foreign Minister for Public Affairs, Liberia

2006—2006:  Attachment at Savannah Morning News, USA

2006—2006:  Washington, International Journalists Exchange, DC, USA

1994—1995:  Programs Coordinator/ Ministry of Internal Affairs, Liberia

2000 – 2002:  President: University of Liberia Student Press Club

1992 – 2006:  Reporter and Foreign News Editor, Inquirer Newspaper, Liberia

2006—2015:  Editorial Consultant, News Visions, Liberia


  1. Problems and Challenges of African Diplomacy: The Case of Liberia
  2. Africa’s Rich Oil – From Blessing to a Curse of Rampant Corruption in Africa
  3. The Analysis: Tech-Diplomacy and Its Practices in the Modern Era
  4. The New Paradigm Shift of African Diplomacy in World PoliticsThe
  5. Geopolitics of Oil: The US–China’s New Diplomatic Race in Africa
  6. The Curse of Bad Governances and Widespread Corruption in Africa
  7. The Analysis: AU Successes and Failures of Liberia Foreign Policy
  8. The New Dimension: Beijing Influence in Liberia
  9.  China Aid towards Africa: The Global Perceptions
  10. The Impact of Liberian Diplomatic on Global Politics
  11. U.S. Policy towards Africa: A New Paradigm
  12. The Tale of Violations and Human Right Abuses against Liberian Media
  13. From War to Uninterrupted Peace: The Recollection of Liberia’s Dark Past
  14. The Conspiracy Theory of President Samuel Doe’s Death
  15. Women Rise in Global Politics: the Liberia Case
  16. Analysis of African Diplomacy in Contemporary World Politics
  17. The Analysis:  The Numerous Pitfalls of Liberia’s Electorate System
  18. Prospects and Challenges of Women leaderships in World Politics

19   Pro Poor Agenda: A Remedy to Curtail Poverty, Poor Education

20  The Curse of Bad Governances and Widespread Corruption in Africa

  1. Liberian Political System and the Role of Women in Democratic Participation

22  Analysis: Contemporary Liberian Media and Western Press in Democratic society

23  Analysis: Western Media Shallow and Negative Coverage of Africa: The Case of   Liberia

24  A Qualitative Analysis of Liberia- U.S, – China’s Relations and Its impacts on Development

25   Analysis of U.S.-China’s Foreign aid to Africa and Its Impact on Liberia’s Development

26   Comparison and Contrast of China and Liberia’s Contemporary Global Status

27    China’s Belt and Road Initiative and its Impact on Liberia’s Infrastructure Development

28   Liberia: A Thoughtful Recollection of the Fearful Month of April in Liberian History

29   Analysis: Impacts and Intricacies of Liberian Foreign Policy and International Relations

30   Africa’s New Role in Global Politics

31   Critical Analysis: The Role of Women and the Media in Liberia’s Emerging Democracy

32   The Analysis of Liberia Role in Contemporary Diplomacy Part Three

33   Liberia: Gender Inequality – a Major Threat to Women’s Progress in Liberia’s Male Dominated

34   Liberia: The New Era of China-Liberia Relations – a Story of Friendship and Cooperation


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