Media Company Lauds Government for Boosting Small Business Sector

Media Hub Liberia Chief Executive Officer, Weah Karpeh

Media Hub Liberia heartily thank the Government of Liberia for subsidizing the small business sector with an initial amount of US$3m.

The Hub agrees with President George Weah in saying that the money which will be disbursed as loans will empower struggling Liberian businesses and lead them to overcoming their longtime roles as spectators to the economy. Also, the media firm supposes that the money will, by and large, help to boost the small business sector particularly Liberian-owned enterprises like The Hub whose vibrancies will contribute to landing Liberians in the middle-classes.

The contemporary media company is confident that the Liberia Bank for Development and Investment (LBDI) will manage the money to the extent that it impacts the intended small business sector Liberians must dominate.

The Liberian-owned media company is involved with Media Monitoring, Media Relations, Training and Knowledge-sharing, Media Consultancy and, e-Archiving.

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