Measles Outbreak Hits Salala Rubber Plantation

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Reports from the Salala rubber plantation in Margibi County say there is an outbreak of measles in the area.

In an interview with the Liberia News Agency on Monday at his office, the Medical Supervisor of the Salala Rubber Corporation (SRC) Health Center, Mr. McCarthy Wheljay, said his office has received reports of five suspected cases of the measles virus in Baypolu, a densely populated and catchment population area on the outskirts of the SRC.

Wheljay said samples were taken from the five persons and taken to the central laboratory at the C. H. Rennie Hospital in Kakata of which three proved positive with the measles virus.

He, however, said the SRC Medical Team works along with the Margibi County Health Team to report every disease outbreak as required.

Measles is a contagious viral disease and is spread by air when an infected person coughs and droplets from his mouth go into the air and are inhaled by others who then get infected.

He said the management of the SRC was working along with the Margibi County Health Team to ensure that the necessary medical precautions are taken to avert the spread of the measles virus across the plantations and its immediate environs.

He disclosed that the situation was “a very rare case” of the measles outbreak in the area as they always take every preventative measure by conducting routine immunization for children, especially under-fives.

“A mini massive measles campaign in the Salala Rubber Corporation catchment will be launched on Wednesday, September 26, in close collaboration with the Margibi County Health Team,” Wheljay disclosed.

Meanwhile, the County Health Officer of Margibi County, Dr. Myers Chea Pajibo, has confirmed the outbreak of the measles virus disease on the plantation of the Salala Rubber Corporation after receiving reports from the area.

Dr. Pajibo said the Margibi County Health Team is taking precautionary measures by launching a mini measles awareness campaign in the affected areas.

He said the mini measles awareness and immunization will focus on all children under one year who missed their vaccination.

“Three of the four children affected received their vaccines before but one did not. Also some can take their vaccines and yet still come down with the measles virus disease but the complications are reduced when vaccinated,” Dr. Pajibo indicated.

“We are creating massive awareness on local radio stations in the area to ensure that no one is left out in the process,” Dr. Pajibo also stated.

He said the County Health Team will also carry out awareness in the Kakata area as there are other cases of the measles virus disease with one reported in Ma Bahn –Kaba and Firestone in lower Margibi County. He, however, said both cases proved negative after samples were taken and tested.


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