MCC Police Officer, Varlee Telleh Accused Of Killing Former Chief Justice’s Daughter

As the Liberia National Police announced that it is seriously investigating the brutal murder of the daughter of the former Chief Justice of Liberia, Gloria Musu Scott, the social media, mainly Face Book has been flooded with report indicating that the man behind the attack has been identified as Varlee Telleh.

According to the report which was also confirmed by the Chairman of the former Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) Jerome Verdier, said the alleged murderer, Varlee Telleh an employee of the Monrovia City Police was allegedly sent by the Monrovia City Mayor, Jefferson Koijee to assassinate Cllr Gloria Musu Scout,

According to report, Varlee Telleh was shirtless and barefooted wearing only shorts and holding a Knife entered into the house of Cllr Gloria Musu Scout to sodomize her before assassinating her, but Cllr Gloria managed to escape after spraying her eyes with “pepper spray.”

The report also said Varlee serves as Deputy Chief of Operation at the Monrovia City Cooperation (MCC) under Jefferson T Kojee, a former Anti-Terrorist Unity (ATU) during the reign of former Liberian leader,  Charles G Taylor who is currently in a UK prison.

The report further indicated that he stabbed the late Charloe Musu multiple times to death and wounded so many people. Ms. Musu was expected to graduate from the Starz University in Monrovia this year, according to family sources.

The LNP has not come out with any report on the alleged link of  Varlee Telleh in the murder of the late Charloe Musu.

Our investigation continue

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  1. Joe D. Kumbly says

    Iam very sorry for the sadden death of a very young and brilliant Liberian citizen who is the daughter of former Chief justice Glorious Musue Scott. I must admit that I am seriously regretimg my citizenship as a Liberian. Under a presidency of George Maneh Weah whom we see as a peaceful man allows numerous secret killings in the country using Monrovia city Mayor Jefferson T. Koijee. What really hurts me the most is, with all the killings, the president says nothing about them. When you try to express your disatisfaction about these bad happenings in the country, then hired killers will treaten your life. It’s so sadden for our country.

  2. Fred Nyumbor Goah says

    It is sad to hear the death of Cllr. Gloria daughter death who has had served this country on many occusion my condolences to the family.
    We want this government to strongly stand on her feet and investigate the death of Cllr. Gloria’s daughter with transparency to public.
    We love this leadership and bring them to power so when there issue that will effect the image of this government people will point us out the bad leadership we bring to power.

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