Mass vaccinations will NOT stop Ebola outbreaks, warn scientists amid fears

By Stephen Matthews For Mailonline |

A Liberian Red Cross burial team retrieves the body of a suspected victim of Ebola in Banjor, on the outskirts of Monrovia. Photograph: EPA/Ahmed Jallanzo

Mass vaccinations will not stop Ebola outbreaks, scientists have warned amid fears the virus could reach epidemic levels in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Health officials in the African country have already confirmed six cases of the deadly virus, considered one of the most lethal known to science.

But it is suspected 17 people have died from Ebola – and the Congo Health Ministry has already warned that ‘our country is facing another epidemic’.

Scientists fear it is a ‘public health emergency’, as an Ebola pandemic killed at least 11,000 as it decimated West Africa between 2014 and 2016.

All nine countries that neighbour DRC have been alerted over the possible spread of Ebola – and international aid teams have been flown into the country to help.

But a new Kent University study claims a mass vaccination programme won’t help to control the fresh outbreak, which experts worry could quickly spread.

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