Maryland County Records 3rd COVID-19 Confirmed Cases

From E. Varney Kamah| GNN Correspondent | Maryland County|

The Maryland County Health Team has recorded its confirmed 3rd COVID-19 cases; has the County Health Officer Dr. Methodius George assured the citizens of being equipped and prepared to combat the virus.

In an exclusive interview with GNN Correspondent in the county today, June 22, 2021, Dr. George revealed the County’s status in relation to the corona virus.

He mentioned that the County has recorded its 3rd confirmed cases with several contacts, but assured the citizens of being equipped and prepared, says” With The Experiences We Had From Ebola And The Previous Outbreak, We Are Ready to Combat Corona.

“Our County has recorded her 3rd confirmed cases, the three patients are responding to treatment. I am encouraging every citizens and residents of Maryland County to remain calm, but we all must keep observing the preventive measures of Corona Virus. Wash your hands regularly, observe the social distancing, put on the nose mask, and avoid over crowdedness”. Dr. Methodius George stressed.

When asked about the patients’ history, the County Health Office said, it can’t be disclosed to the public, to prevent panic among citizens, but cautioned Maryland residents to observe the health protocols prescribed by Health Authorities

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