Maryland Caucus Rejects Calls to Release Violent Actors

The Maryland County Legislative Caucus has rejected a position statement presented the body, calling on government justice apparatuses to abandon  all charges against the nearly 33-persons, so far arrested for the recent violence, and destruction of public and private properties in Harper, and Pleebo Cities in Maryland County.

Thursday at the Capitol Building in Monrovia, a group of Marylanders in under the banner of the Maryland Development Association presented a position statement to their County Caucus condemning the murder of a student Mordacious Nyemah and the violence the occasioned the incident.

The Maryland County citizens say they mourn the murder of student Nyemah, and at the same time have commanded the GOL for the subsequent arrest of some persons connected to the murder act, but wants other persons link to the arson attacks and vandalization of properties who were arrested and detained, be released, so as to enable them to continue their schooling.

Some contents of their position statement are quoted as saying, “There is no bad bush to throw a bad child. Those young people are our children as well. Hence, as fathers, we like to appeal to the Liberian Government through you; the Honorable Legislative Caucus of Maryland County to kindly forgive and have mercy upon our children, since most of them are high school and University Students.”

However, the Maryland Legislative Caucus in sitting and presided over by House Speaker, Dr. Bhofal Chambers, assisted by the Chairman of the Caucus, Rep. Isaac Roland, including Sen. Jame P. Biney, Sen. J. Gble-bo Brown appreciated their fellow Marylanders for their concern but cautioned that the situation about the recent murder and subsequent violence in the County is now in the hands of the national Government and it is the desire of the Caucus for the matter to be adjudged to a full logical conclusion.

Speaking during the meeting, House Speaker Dr. Bhofal Chambers says the Caucus will not countenance any action or decision that will distract the focus of the ongoing justice process in Maryland County, following the recent debacle in the County.

Meanwhile, those signing on to the position statement include, Mr. Peter D. Hne as Position Statement Committee Chair, Adolphus N. Williams Acting President of Maryland Development Association in Monrovia, Mr. Sampson F. Weah Grebo Governor. Others are Mr. Alexander B. Howard Acting Harper District President, along with Pst. Peter Gbarbo Pleebo District President, Laretta S. Johnson Karluway District President and Moses Blanyon of Barrobo District attested to the position statement.

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