Mrs. Kemah Yancy Todee

Update: Married Man Accused Of Bigamy Still Got Marry To Another Woman

According to Madam Kemah Yancy Todee she got marry Bonah Todee fifteen years ago and lived together peacefully, but to her utmost surprise she got information that her husband was getting marry to another woman at a local church in the LPRC Community, Gardnerville.

Todee still got marry to his second wife

However, latest information gathered by the GNN has revealed that the man still got marry in his new wife’s family living room, after police prevented the ceremony from taking place in the church.

The crime of bigamy, is a crime both in Liberia and the US. The Liberian civil law prohibits both bigamy and polygamy. Section 16.1 of the Liberian Panel Law specifically speaks to bigamy as a crime in the country.

In California, USA, bigamy is famously known as “the wobbler”, carrying county sentence of one year for guilty parties and three year jail sentence stipulated by the state. Most Western nations across the globe berates bigamy and polygamy in favor of monogamy.

In the last decade, bigamy is said to have negatively impacted the Liberian society-leaving family unions to be at loggerhead, with increased consequences of societal disharmony, experts revealed.

Madam Kemah Yancy Todee, the original wife, speaking to journalists stated that she and her husband were married in 2015 at Tubman United Methodist Church in Duport-Road. They have been living happily with their children.

Unfortunately, after three years of marriage, her husband’s behavior changed, and he started visiting his sister at a different location while taking some of his clothes.

Watch the entire interview and listen to Madam Kemah Yancy Todee’s perspective for a comprehensive understanding of the situation and its impact on her and her family see video below.

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