Marketers In Bong County Filed Lawsuit Against City Mayor

By Emmanuel Mafelah | GNN Central Liberia Correspondent |

Gbarnga City Mayor Lucia Herbert

Some aggrieved Marketers at the Dualla area on the Gbarnga-Ganta High-way in Gbarnga have filed a Lawsuit against Gbarnga City Mayor Lucia Herbert at the Ninth Judicial Circuit Court week after she destroyed their businesses in the area.

According to the aggrieved Marketers, Mayor Herbert went at their selling place on Thursday 25 October at 10:30 PM and wasted all of their food including fishes, rice oil and even dry goods they were selling.

They said Madam Herbert did not give them any notice prior to her action against them as Marketers describing the GCC boss action as total violations to law abiding citizens adding that she much face the law.

The Marketers many of whom are street sellers told this Paper Bong County Correspondent that Mayor Herbert doesn’t have the pedigree to maintain the job on grounds that her leadership style at the Gbarnga City Corporation is grievous and onerous.

“Mayor Herbert never one day dialogue with us whenever she wants to take action concerning a specific place they should sell but she only gets to them out of surprise  and destroys their businesses,” the adds.

The local marketers referenced Thursday 25 October (The same evening President Weah arrived in the County) as one of the days they will never forget about in their lives.

“Since the President appointed this Mayor, we have not seen anything tangible that she has done, she only obstructs peaceful citizens especially local Business People. Few months ago, she ordered her city Police to beat one old lady almost to death and this is another problem she has caused by damaging our businesses” the aggrieved residents stressed.

Also speaking, Annieta Newon Bea, another aggrieved Marketers who is claiming more than eight thousand Liberian Dollars as damage from the City Mayor’s action stated that she does not have anything to do in order to help send her siblings to school with the exception of the foodstuff she sells which was wasted by the Mayor but to take a lawsuit against the Mayor.

She wants the City Mayor face the full weight of the law in order to serve as deterrence to leaders of the Country frequently plays on the poor.

When contacted by our Correspondent, Gbarnga City Mayor Lucia Herbert stated that she has over the past told the markets to stop selling at the interception but they have not listened to her.

“My office has been telling them to leave that place but they have not listen and when they are selling at the junction, it obstructs the traffic which is very bad, since they refused to listen, nothing else I would do but to take action” Mr. Herbert adds.

She boastfully stated that whither the Marketers goods got damaged in the process or not, she is welling to face the law.

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