Market Women In Harper City, Maryland Cries For Help, As Hoffman River Takes Over Their Market

From: E. Varney Kamah ~Correspondent Maryland County~

Hundreds of marketers in the western part of the City of Harper in Maryland County are calling on local authorities to come to their rescue as the Hoffman River is gradually taking over the environment destroying their businesses, most especially those selling fish alongside the River.

Speaking to our Maryland Correspondent, the market women in tears said their goods have been destroyed by overflow of the river forcing many of them to be out of business, a situation they lamented has caused them to lose hundreds of their daily earnings.

Speaking to the GNN, the Assistant Superintendent of the Harper General Market, Madam Gladys Collins disclosed that many of the marketers are migrating from the Harper general Market because of the serious inflow of the river into their selling places.

“Our people tired suffering the Hoffman River giving us serious problem here in Harper City, long time we started complaining about the Hoffman River entering in the market but no one to listen to us let the government come and help us in the process,” Madam Gladys Collins explained.

Moreover, Marketeers in Harper City Maryland County complaining about the shortest of Commodities in the Market, meanwhile, Madam Collins said government intervention is highly appreciated to ease the situation in the market.

She further narrated that marketers in the County have been doing their best to work on the situation but it beyond their control.

Many Market women expressed their dissatisfaction about the deplorable situation in the Market that even causing some marketers to developed sicknesses.

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