MANCO Catalogues 45 Years of Solid Achievements in Liberia

Liberian based company; MANCO Manufacturing Company has succeeded in providing employment opportunity to scores of skilled and unskilled Liberians in producing high quality products for more than 4 decades.

The group is also committed to the promotion of economic empowerment and social development in Liberia, while building a disciplined and highly motivated workforce.

Asaad Fadel, Senior Vice President, spoke of the collective interests of the company and residents in the surrounding communities to peacefully coexist, while emphasizing that a cordial working relationship between employees and senior staff will definitely yield economic and other benefits to those communities.

Located on Bushrod Island outside Monrovia, MANCO is one of West Africa’s leading manufacturers of household chemical products. MANCO manufactures Red Pack & Red Line Candles, Clora Super Bleach, Water Guard, Green Palm Alcohol, Manoline Hair Pomade, POP Detergent Powder, POP Laundry Soap, Star All-Purpose Soap, and a wide range of bath soaps. Its on-site production of plastic bottles and caps gives the company added sense of independence, consistency and stability. In 1983, MANCO won the 9th International Africa Award for superior quality products.

During times of crisis in Liberia, MANCO withstood the test of time. When outbreaks of cholera, typhoid and diarrhea spread, the UNICEF in partnership with the Ministry of Health found Clora again and again to be the Avant-guard and symbol of contribution to a better Liberia through health and hygiene.

For some time now, the company has remained an employer complementing the Government of Liberia effort in helping to promote the sector. He said MANCO maintained an enviable record of being one of the companies in the country paying just-compensation for equal-work as well as promoting the minimum wage set by the Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Labor. The highly dedicated and committed workforce at the company signifies MANCO’s commitment to prioritizing the welfare of its entire workforce.

Evidence by this, Mr. Fadel noted that workers of the company are trained in line with safety rules as well as compliance with an established safety plan. The company maintains that training quality of workforce is the way forward in developing a new Liberia.

Liberia’s economy has stagnated over the past three years, representing an average annual growth of 0% over the period of 2014-2016. With such investment in the manufacturing industry, it is expected that multilateral companies including the Government of Liberia will patronize this sector, thereby creating more jobs and promoting GOL Pro-Poor Agenda.

Source: Steve Doito 

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