Man Who Claims To Be Jesus Christ Arrested In Military-Style Operation

Watch the moment Russian special forces staged a special operation to detain a former traffic cop who claims to be Jesus Christ:

Footage shows a large military-style operation with four helicopters and dozens of heavily armed troops storming a remote compound called Sun City.

The leader of the sect that inhabits Sun City is called Sergei Torop – known as Vissarion – a former Red Army conscript and traffic policeman who claimed he was reborn in 1990 as the literal reincarnation of the son of God.

Alongside his closest aide Vadim Redkin, a former rock musician, 59-year-old Torop was reportedly detained and flown away under armed guard.

The operation appeared to involve the Russian National Guard, a force under the command of Vladimir Putin, but also the FSB security service and the Investigative Committee.

Videos released by sect members showed masked special forces officers with combat machine guns at the group’s territory in the remote Kuraginsky district of Krasnoyarsk region in Siberia. Other officers appeared to be in plain clothes.

Local resident Alexander Staroverov said: “There are 50 avtozaks (cells on wheels), 50 buses, an ambulance and medical workers.”

He added that Torop and Redkin ‘were put into helicopters and taken away in an unknown direction’.

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