Man Sentenced For Life Kills Wife, Cooks Her Heart With Potatoes

Lawrence Paul Anderson

Lawrence Paul Anderson, 44, allegedly carried out the horrific killings in 2021, less than a month after being granted an early release from prison, according to The Independent.

According to the Free Press Journal of March 17, 2023 quoting report said, a guy who killed a woman, ripped out her heart, and then fatally stabbed two others, including a 4-year-old girl, has been given a life term in jail in the US state of Oklahoma.

Accused fried the organ at his relative’s house

After killing and carving Andrea Blankenship, he took the heart to his aunt and uncle’s house and fried the organ with potatoes a few weeks after he was set free.

He then made an attempt to serve the grisly supper to the pair before stabbing and killing Leon Pye, 67, and Kaeos Yates, his 4-year-old granddaughter, according to ABC News.

When Anderson received a commutation from his 20-year sentence for a narcotics offence from Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt, he had only served three years of that term. His release was a result of a state-led mass commutation initiative, but a subsequent examination revealed that his inclusion on the list was an error.

Anderson admitted to killing, assaulting, and maiming people and was given five consecutive life terms.

The relatives of the other victims and Anderson’s aunt, who was also hurt in the attack, have brought lawsuits against the governor of Oklahoma and the prison parole board.

Source: Free Press Journal

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