Man Mistakenly Killed Girlfriend With Single Barrel Gun

The late Darlene Fuller

Darlene Fuller has allegedly been shot and killed by her boyfriend in the Parker Paint Community, Paynesville.

Miss. Fuller was in her early 20’s and a mother of one, according to an eyewitness when she was killed around 1:00 am on Tuesday, January 3, 2023.

The deceased was said to be a 2021-2022 graduate of the Revival Temper AGM High School.

According to a local daily, the NewDawn, the deceased and her boyfriend (name not disclosed) came from a nearby entertainment center when the incident occurred around the Tom Beyan Fence in Parker Paint Community, Paynesville.

Witnesses said the boyfriend allegedly held the gun secretly among his friends during their refreshment time at the local entertainment center, the paper said.

They said they had returned home to Darlene Fuller’s parents’ house where she stayed with her two-year-old son only identified as Miracle.

James Y. Zinnah, a witness, explained to the NewDawn that the boyfriend was seen playing with a single-barrel gun.

James the suspected was warned by friends to stop playing with a gun in the group, but he allegedly responded that the gun had no shot in it.

While they were all sitting early that morning at Darlene Fuller’s parent’s house, the witness said the gun mistakenly fired into the neck of Darlene, and she died instantly.

Meanwhile, the boyfriend of the late Darlene, an alleged suspect, is said to be in police custody undergoing interrogation.

Police are said to be seeking answers to what led to the incident.

Source: New Dawn

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