Man faces de­por­tation after de­liv­ering pizza to Army base in Brooklyn

By Jeanine Ramirez | |

Family and community leaders demanded answers and help Wednesday after an undocumented immigrant and a father of American citizens was detained while delivering pizza to a military base in Brooklyn and now faces deportation.

“It’s cruel,” said Sandra Chica, the man’s wife. “They’re going to separate my daughters from him. He was supporting the family. Now, I’m going to be by myself, along with two kids. I heard that he’s going to be deported next week.”

Pablo Villavicencio was delivering pizza last Friday to the Fort Hamilton Army base, as he had many times before, when military police at the base asked for identification.

Villavicencio showed a New York City identification card, also known as IDNYC, as he had done during previous deliveries. This time, however, they rejected it.

The military police directed Villavicencio to get a day pass. The Army said he signed a waiver okaying a background check, and an active U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement warrant was discovered.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials said the military police officers at the base then detained Villavicencio and turned him over to federal immigration officials.

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