Man convicted of killing two NYPD officers granted parole

( – The law enforcement community is in shock after a man convicted of killing two NYPD officers was granted parole.

Back in 1971, Herman Bell and two other men made a fake 911 call to lure officers Joseph Piagentini and Waverly Jones to a housing project in Washington Heights.

The men shot the officers to death, and Bell was sentenced 25 years to life for the crime.

The state parole board decided to release the 70-year-old, although it’s not yet clear when he’ll be let out of prison.

Police union president Pat Lynch says he is “disgusted, offended and extremely angry” with the parole board’s decision.

Officer Piagentini’s wife Diane said in a statement, “We are angered and sickened that this horrible person, who was devoid of any human compassion or empathy when he continued to shoot my already wounded husband, Joseph, while he pleaded for his life for the sake of his family, will now be free to walk out of prison.”

Police Commissioner James O’Neill called the parole board’s decision to release Bell “indefensible.”

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