Man arrested, accused of making explosive package intended for NYPD officer

By Ruschell Boone |

Police arrested a man Wednesday in connection with an exploding package that killed a man in Queens last summer — a package that was intended for an NYPD officer, according to officials.

Police said Victor Kingsley, 37, was arrested at a Brooklyn home in East Flatbush near Church Ave. and East 43rd St. and was charged with using a weapon of mass destruction.

George Wray, 73, opened the package July 28 of last year, after it was left on his porch in Queens.

Officials said Wray suffered burns on most of his body and later died from his injuries.

The Brooklyn district attorney’s office said Kingsley built the device to get revenge on NYPD officers who had arrested him near his home in January of 2014. Officials said he has been carrying a stun gun.

Investigators said the Brooklyn man started plotting his revenge after the charges were dropped, buying explosive device components on Amazon and having them delivered to his home in the borough.

The district attorney said Kingsley had placed the explosive device in a package addressed to a location where he believed one of the officers lived, but the officer did not live there — Wray opened the package, instead. Investigators said Kingsley researched the officer’s address online, but it was listed incorrectly.

Police said it took seven months, a stakeout of multiple locations, and an intense online investigation to nab Kingsley.

“An extensive investigation through data mining, video surveillance, and numerous interviews identified Kingsley as the perpetrator,” NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce said.

The FBI executed a search warrant on Kingsley’s home Wednesday.

After he was arrested, sources said two bombs — one of which is a pipe bomb and another a cardboard cylinder bomb similar to the device that killed Wray — were found in Kingsley’s home and were detonated in a controlled explosion away from the location.

The NYPD is waiting for Kingsley to be turned over to them, so he can be charged with murder. If convicted, Kingsley could face life in prison.


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