Man, 34, on the run after allegedly murdering his pregnant lover in Zwedru

From Ben T.C. Brooks | GNN Correspondent In Zwedru| Grand Gedeh County |

The late Florence Julue lying in a pool of blood

Police in Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County, are in search of a 34 year old man identified as Melvin Chea for allegedly killing his girlfriend Florence Julue whose family sources said was four months pregnant for him.

The late Florence Julue age 26 and Melvin Chea have been in a relationship for the past five years and both have their first male child who is one year six months old according to the sources closed to the victim’s family..

The incident occurred in the Car Center Community outside Zwedru on September 22, at about 3Am.

Residents gathered on the scene of the incident

Meanwhile, one of the neighbors Elisa Garlor said Melvin killed, Florence because of jealousy.

“Melvin came from a gold mine last week and brought with him LD$19,000.00 gave it to my his girl to start with as a business, so she went to Janzon to buy plantain and banana to sell, three days later he called me and accused her of loving to one boy where she went to buy as he said someone told him, so I said to him that it was not possible and in fact the girl is pregnant so how can it be?.

“When Florence came from the bush, he started to threaten to beat her to death for spoiling his money given for business because she never came with the amount of goods he expected to buy but Florence denied, got afraid and left the man rented apartment to her parent house for about a week now where he went last night to begged she and her mother saying that he said it out of anger and it was never going to be repeated”. A neighbor and a closed friend to the diseased said.

For his part a brother of the perpetrator Augustine Chea, said his brother went to his house at about 2:00Am carried his four years old son had by another mother and said that his wife to be and him had a confusion so he wanted the boy to spend the night with him then he was going to sleep different area.

“I accepted his son in and asked my little brother to spend the night with me so in the morning I can carry him home to judge between them but he refused and left that morning not knowing where he went”.

Photograph of the alleged perpetrator, Melvin Chea with his son who is now motherless

“So when he left, in less than five minutes his four year old son Christian, called my attention and said to me that his father and mother fought and he saw blood on her, so I was concern because my brother have never come to my house in such an hour, so that how I woke up and went to the girl parent house to asked if she was home with them or they knew about their confusion, they said nothing of such they knew about their confusion that night”.

“When the parent told me that they were not aware, that how asked the girl father t to follow me to their rented apartment, when we got there the door was locked and we managed to bust the inside lock when we entered we saw the lady lifeless body laying on the bed in a pool of blood alone with their year six months old son crying side her with blood all on him”. Perpetrator big brother Augustine Chea told reporters.

Also speaking land lady, Emily Gbanwear, who is a private security officer said was not home, went to work when the incident occurred but regret the painful death of her tense.

“While I was to worked, my heart was not free but very heavy like I spoiled something from someone so at about 6:00Am I got a called from one of the rentals that something strange happened in my yard, so I asked for excused that how I came while entering my yard I saw police and a group of people filled in my yard”. Land law said.

When asked for the perpetrator attitude madam Gbanwear, said they two people have just move to her rented apartment and knows nothing about them.

Also speaking the father of the diseased old man Edward S. Julue, told reporters that it was early this year he gotten to know about his daughter and the man’s relationship because they have been hiding it from him.

Old man Julue is appealing to police to quickly locate the perpetrator to enable him faced justice.

Meanwhile the alleged perpetrator is on the run.

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