Man, 32, Dies in Prison As Family Blames INHR Commissioner, Fahnbulleh

By Gideon Nma Scott, Jr |

The family of a 32-year-old man who was discovered dead while serving police detention at the Salent Police Station on the Airfield in Monrovia are blaming a commissioner from the Independent National Commission on Human Rights for his death.

Prince Wreyou allegedly committed suicide by hanging himself during the evening hours of April 12, 2024 in a police cell that hosted over five other inmates, something that has raised his family, friends and well-wishers’ concerns.

The victim’s father, Sammy Wreyou

His father blamed his death to some persons (tucks) who allegedly arrested (citizen arrest) him on behalf of Atty. Mohamed E. Fahnbulleh, a commissioner at the Independent National Commission on Human Rights (INCHR) following a shady vehicle repair deal between the two.

Mr. Sammy Wreyou informed this paper that his son was allegedly beaten by over eight persons who were allegedly contracted by Com. Fahnbulleh over the repair of his FORD jeep, saying, “The man pay some gay men on 18th Street, headed by one Martia, to arrest and beat my son. He gave Prince his car to fix and while Prince was working on the vehicle, he ordered Martia and his boys to arrest and beat him, because, according to him (Fahnbulleh) Prince ran away with his money.”

Scene from the incident

According to Mr. Wreyou, after arresting and torturing Prince, the group called Com. Fahnbulleh who took him to the police, where he met his untimely demise.

He overserved that Prince may have died in prison from injuries he sustained from the torture at the hands of Matria and; that the police are covering up for the human rights commissioner claiming that Prince hung himself.

“Why would Prince kill himself? In fact, there were other people in the same cell and he is even taller than the place they put the rope. So, someone please tell me how it really happened?” he wondered.

“We want justice for our brother. He did not kill himself. He was murdered,” Steve Wreyou, a brother to the deceased asserted, claiming that the police did not access Prince to know his health condition before incarcerating him in their holding cell.

“How can such a tall man hang himself on a pole that he is taller than? The police are just trying to cover up for the lawyer,” he charged, noting, “We want all those involved, ranging from the citizen arrest to the LNP to be fully investigated because after they killed Prince, they never contacted any of his family but deposited his remains to the mortuary. Who does that?”

All effort to reach the police spokesman, Moses Carter, did not materialized as his official phone number was switched off.

However, in response to allegation that he paid tucks to humiliate and tortured Prince, Mohammed Fahnbulleh have described the assertion as false, misleading and a scheme to taint his hard-earned reputation, saying, “I did not pay anyone to neither arrest not torture Prince. He and one Barcon Shan walked to me and we boarded my official working vehicle and went to the police.”

He told this paper in an exclusive interview that in last week of March 2024 was Prince contacted him (Fahnbulleh) that he had a particular spare part for his vehicle, and could put it on his vehicle in two days.

“On April 1, Prince and another gentleman, Barcon Shan, came to my house at about 11:30pm to pick up the vehicle. I sent US$10 to Barcpon to pay for the motorbike that he said they chattered. Two days later, on April 3, he charged me US$600 for the job, that is buying the steering rod and workmanship, but we settled for US$400 out of which I advanced him US$200 to get the part,” Fahnbulleh explained.

He said that after Prince received the advanced payment, he switched off his phone, something that had him worried saying, “I went to the garage and met Barcon and told him that I have been trying to contact Prince, that his phone has been off. I told him (Barcon) I gave Prince US$200 as advanced payment for the job. Barcon promised that he would get Prince to face me because Prince told him that I had not pay a dime. So, on last Thursday, he called me to meet them on 18th Street where I met them and we drove to the police. So, it baffles me to hear that I paid tucks to torture and beat him. It was the very Barcon in whose garage he took my car that brought him.”

He said that it was shocking to hear from an officer who claims to be the commander that Prince had hung himself in the cell. “I was shocked by the new. I wonder how that tall man could have hung himself in the cell with other detainees. I immediately send a team of human rights officers to open an investigation with the police, because Prince was healthy,” he said.

In 2022, Mohammed Fahnbulleh was investigated by a special committee set up by the commission on allegation of sexually harassing a female colleague of the commission.

But Fahnbulleh believes that his stance against corruption at the Commission is causing some of his colleagues to frame him in various scandals to remove him from his post at the INCHR.

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