Man, 20, Commits Suicide On Xmas Day In Grand Kru

(LINA) – The Crime Services Department of the Grand Kru County detachment of the Liberia National Police (LNP) has reported that a 20 year-old man has committed suicide in Norkia Town in Jroal Statutory District, Sasstown in Southeastern Liberia.

According to the Crime Services Department, the 20-year-old identified as Jackson Kofa allegedly committed suicide on Christmas day for reasons yet to be established by police investigators who visited the crime scene.

It is not clear what his motive was but he reportedly hanged himself on Christmas Day with a rope.

The girlfriend of the deceased, Cecelia Nagbe, aged 17, told Police investigators that she was confused as to why he committed the act, as she did not demand any Christmas money or items from him, and was even more perplexed that he was found hanging from a rope in his house on the festive day.

However, family sources told the Liberia News Agency that the late Kofa’s inability to provide Christmas package for his home and spouse may have prompted him to commit suicide.

His girlfriend told police investigators that both of them were living with Kofa’s mother and that at no point did she ask him to provide any Christmas gift or money for her.

According to report, the deceased on Christmas Day locked himself up in his room and allegedly committed the act.

His lifeless body was discovered hanging when his mother, girlfriend and others forced the door open at about 4.00 p.m. local time.

Community dwellers abandoned their celebrations and immediately contacted the police.

Some residents of the Norkia Community told newsman that Jackson Koffa and his girlfriend Cecelia were allegedly in a serious misunderstanding prior to the Christmas celebration.

They said the two have been living together for the past three years in the area in a three-bedroom house.

Meanwhile, a 15-member Coronary Jury which was set up to examine the remains of the deceased, reported that there was no foul play in the death of  the victim, noting that committed suicide.

Koffa’s remains have been turned over to his family by the Liberia National Police for burial as the LNP investigation continues.

Koffa’s suicide brings to two the number of suicide in Norkia Community in Grand Kru County this year.

Residents of the community have expressed condolences to the Koffa family for the loss of their son, and urged them to take heart in the circumstances.

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