Leader of Mali's ruling junta Lt. Col. Assimi Goita, center, sits with Guinea's junta leader, left, and President of Mali's National Transitional Council, right. 22/09/2022

Mali’s junta bans media from reporting on political activities


By Africanews

MALI – Mali’s ruling junta on Thursday banned the media from reporting on the activities of political parties and associations.

A day after suspending all political activities in the country until further notice, the ruling junta on Thursday announced the ban on reporting, in a sign of a deepening crackdown.

The order, issued by Mali’s high authority for communication, was distributed on social media. The notice said it applied to all forms of the media, including television, radio, online and print newspapers.

Mali has experienced two coups since 2020, leading a wave of political instability that has swept across West and Central Africa in recent years. Along with its political troubles, the country is also in the grip of a worsening insurgency by militants linked to al-Qaida and the Islamic State group.

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