Mali: What Next After Inauguration Of A Transition Govt.?

By Paul Ejime|

Retired Col Bah Ndaw, 70, was sworn in Friday as head of Mali’s 18-month Transition Government.

He has as his deputy (Vice President), Col Assimi Goita, leader of the military junta that on 18th August toppled the government of elected President Ibrahim Keita.

All eyes are now on ECOWAS, which had made the formation of the transition government a precondition for lifting the sanctions of border closure and ban on financial flow imposed on Mali.

The regional organisation had demanded a civilian head and a 12-month transition government, but would now appear to have allowed the junta to have its way.

There was no official reaction from the main opposition Coalition M5-RFP, which had also wanted a civilian led ttansition government.

The Coalition, which led the national protest against president Keita before soldiers deposed him, appear sidelined in the political chess game, which leaves Mali still under tension.

Meanwhile, the ECOWAS Community Court  sitting in Abuja on Friday told two Malian Associations contesting the ECOWAS sanctions on Mali that it lacked the judidiction to hear their case.

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