Make Use Of Your Acquired Skill, Wlemomgar Tells Graduates Of CITBIVE

Guest speaker of the Ciatta Tryphina Bambara institute of vocational education school, James Wlemomgar urged students to make use of their skills to improved their lives.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony over the weekend, Mr. James Wlemomgar said students should make use of this opportunity that has been effort to them by hon Ciatta Tryphina Bambara institute of vocational education school.

He said this program is not limited to only young people; it also includes old folks who wants to better their lives in business.

According to him,  some politicians opening political school, after the election their school was close, this is not the case, the school is here to stay and improve the skill of other young people lives.

Mr. James Wlemomgar urged students of  this institution to make  great impacts in their community as a example.

We urges young people who resident in this district to make use of this great opportunity, “this is self-insanity problem for all Liberians” he said.

Meanwhile, Wlemomgar  told the graduate to leave the politics with the politicians, let them do their  politics, focus on your skill.

For her part, the owner of Ciatta Tryphina Bambara institute of vocational education (CITBIVE) Madam Bambara said this program is not a political institution, this program is here to give back to the district as her contribution to Liberians.

Madam Bambara said her vision is to ensure that every student of this institution will have professional skill training, and standardized vocational education.

According to her, institution is fully committed and dedicated to tasks, we owe each other trust respect and honesty, good administrative services at the highest levels for all of our students.

I want to use this opportunity to appreciate all the students and the administrative staff for their continue support to this institution, “i enjoy working with you all” she said.

Meanwhile, CITBIVE boss urged churches and mosque in the district make use of this opportunity for members.

According to her course at the Ciatta Tryphina Bambara institute of vocational education school are cosmetology, hair dressing, tailoring, pastry, catering, event decoration, soap science and soap making.

Adding that course to be added are first aid, electricity, driving and automatic, this is an opportunity for Liberians.

at the sometime staffers at  CITBIVE received certificate as an appreciation for their hard work  at the front institution.

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