Macron’s France: 27,000 Police March Against Poor Working Conditions

Chris Tomlinson |

Policemen take part in a “march of anger” called by French Police unions in Paris, on October 2, 2019. (Photo by MARTIN BUREAU / AFP) (Photo by MARTIN BUREAU/AFP via Getty Images) MARTIN BUREAU/AFP via Getty Images

Around 27,000 police officers took to the streets of Paris this week in a protest directed at French President Emmanuel Macron over lack of resources and poor working conditions.

The organisers of the protest, named March of the Angry, labelled it “historic” and “never seen before” as the profession counted around 150,000 individuals in total across the entire country.

Part of the protest included highlighting the surge in suicides among officers, with 52 police suicides occurring since the start of this year alone, Liberation reports.

Yves Lefebvre, secretary-general of SGP Unit, a major French police union, said it was “beyond comprehension, we are very numerous today”.

“Success will be if we get what we expect from the government. For now, we do not have an appointment, but we must be received tonight. And it’s not only the ministry that is being targeted but also the Elysée,” Mr Lefebvre added.

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