LRA Launches New Guiding Principles To Boost Leadership In Revenue Collection

The Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) has officially launched its new Guiding Principles for Leadership in collaboration with the Sweden International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA).

The authority launched the Guiding Principles last Friday (June 30) marks a significant step towards strengthening the institution and boosting its performance in the collection of lawful revenue.

The Guiding Principles for Leaders is a comprehensive document aimed at enhancing leadership capabilities across various levels within the LRA, focusing on key thematic areas. This initiative seeks to bolster institutional capacity development and leadership for more effective tax administration.

“The Guiding Principles is going to change a lot of dynamics in having our leaders take leadership of their works and make the institution a vibrant place of teamwork and positive growth,” Commissioner General Thomas Doe Nah stated during the launching ceremony.

Commissioner Nah expressed his gratitude to the Swedish Tax Agency for their genuine partnership and the value they bring to the collaboration. He encouraged employees to remain committed and tirelessly contribute to the generation of lawful revenues.

Nicolina Stallhand, the Program Officer for Democracy and Human Rights at the Swedish Embassy, lauded the LRA Management for their unwavering commitment to Liberia’s domestic resource mobilization. She considered this initiative as a “significant milestone” and the beginning of a stronger partnership between the institutions.

Stallhand highlighted the fruitful engagements between the HR Department, Management, and the Swedish Tax Agency since the inception of the project. She expressed hope that the implementation of the Guiding Principles would bring about positive changes in the institution’s daily operations.

Augustus Flomo, the Deputy Minister of Finance for Economic Management, commended the LRA for consistently driving positive changes. He emphasized that the launch of the Guiding Principles would contribute to the Government of Liberia’s efforts in generating greater results through increased revenue.

Flomo extended his gratitude to the Swedish Embassy for their instrumental role in supporting the LRA and strengthening the institution’s human resources.

By launching the Guiding Principles for Leadership and introducing Human Resource Business Partners, the LRA and SIDA aim to enhance revenue collection and create a more efficient and accountable tax administration system in Liberia

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