LRA Honors EU Consultant For Role In Modernizing Customs Administration

Commissioner General Elfrieda Stewart Tamba congratulating Mr. Main as he displays his certificate of appreciation

The Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) has honored and presented a certificate of appreciation to a departing EU consultant Graham A. Main for helping to drive the transformation and modernization of the Authority.

Mr. Main took assignment in Liberia over two years ago under an EU long-term technical assistance to the Customs Department at the LRA, and worked to strengthen Liberia’s customs operations.

He was directly involved with providing mentorship and building an effective system and supporting meaningful activities aimed at transforming and modernizing customs clearance in Liberia.

During the gowning and certification ceremonies at the LRA Headquarters,  LRA Commissioner General Elfrieda Stewart Tamba described Mr. Main as “a selfless person who was very firmed” in helping the Authority “build integrity and fight corruption” in the customs sector.

Commissioner General Elfrieda Stewart Tamba and Mr. Main in a warm handshake before he was certificated and gowned

Speaking at the brief program attended by senior Customs officials on Wednesday, May 30, 2018, CG Tamba praised the departing consultant for remaining steadfast in ensuring the enforcement and application of essential laws amid the challenges that came along.

“We say thank you, Mr. Main, for your immense contribution to the development of the Authority’s Customs Department and the gains it continues to make,” CG Tamba noted.

Speaking earlier, Customs Commissioner Saa Samoi assured Mr. Main that his great contributions to the LRA’s customs development will be kept alive.

He said Mr. Main was “very tireless in helping the LRA to achieve its goals of boosting lawful revenue collection”, and urged him to always keep Liberia in his heart.

In response, the honoree thanked the LRA for the honor and recognition, describing his stay at the LRA as “a perfect project”.

He said he was proud of his role played in the development of Liberia’s customs sector.

The departing customs consultant praised LRA customs officials for the cordial working relationship during the length of his stay in Liberia and at the LRA.

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