“I Love JUSTICE, But I Vehemently Detest SELECTIVE JUSTICE” – Says Abraham Darius Dillon

Mr. Abraham Darius Dillon

Everyone probably knows I am no fan of Former Speaker Alex Tyler and/or Cllr. Varney Sherman, but I have to say something about them today in the interest of fair play.

I openly supported prosecution of the Global Witness “bribery” allegation involving Silver Mining, a London-based entity, Sherman, Tyler and others. At the time, we hailed the prosecution only because of our unending desire to support and ensure fight against corruption and other societal vices.

Well, the Govt of Liberia recently “dropped” charges against Sable Mining, the company whose money that was allegedly used to “bribe” some former and current public officials, including Tyler and Sherman. I am left wondering! Why drop charges against the company whose money was said to have been used in the alleged “bribery” case, but still seek to prosecute the folks accused of receiving the “bribe”? Is there something we need to know and understand that is being held or kept?

And, where is Global Witness? Why are they so quiet? Is it that charges have been “dropped” against the British entity so it is well with them that only the accused Liberians are still being held?

Whilst I support prosecution of people suspected or found wanting of the public trust, no matter whoever or whatever they may be, I entirely detest selective justice in any form against anyone.

At this point, I think ot is advisable to also “drop” the charges against Sherman, Tyler and all other accused as well, and grant unto them the same legal or other relief granted unto Sable Mining.

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