Louisiana Township Seeks Urgent Gov’t Intervention To Curb Illegal Land Sale

Victim of Blama’s thugs

As the illegal sale of people’s several acres of land by unscrupulous individuals in the township, and other surrounding communities, a residents of the township who is also a Pastor, Austin Dennis in an exclusive interview called on authorities to immediately arrest such ugly act.

Speaking to our staff in the township recently, Pastor Dennis along with dozens of elders who are also direct victims of the illegal sale of land in the township craved the urgent attention of the central government through the Ministry of Justice, and the Liberia Land Authority (LLA) to bring those involve to book.

Flash Back: Aggrieved residents of Louisiana Township in Lower Montserrado County are demanding justice in ongoing land disputes between them and one Blama Wright (Photo credit: FPA)

The residents in their numbers also accused Blama Wright as one of those involved in the illegal selling of several acres of land in the township, while rightful owners are being brutalized by thugs under the alleged authority of Wright if the victims query over the illegal sale of their land.

Last year, 2022, authorities of the Liberia Land Authority released names of 88 illegal land sellers including the former Commissioner of the Louisianan Township, and now County Inspector, Solomon Miller  amongst 88 notorious illegal land sellers in Montserrado and Margibi Counties, warning people not to do business with such individuals due to their alleged criminal activities by selling land that is not theirs.

Mr. Edward Dartu, the current Commissioner of the Township of Louisianan

Mr. Miller was highlighted on the list due to his alleged dubious activities when he served as Commissioner of the Township; he reportedly sold several acres to innocent people, and issuing the fake land deeds leaving his victims to be at the losing end after receiving several thousand United States Dollars from his victims.

One of the victims of Mr. Miller’s criminal scan is the Captan family, the Administer of this family who walked into our offices on Monday, April 18, 2022 is Mr. Tattoo Captan accompanied with the current Commissioner of the Township of Louisianan, Edward Dartu revealed that Solomon Miller, County Inspector of Montserrado County has illegally sold several acres of land belonging to the Captan family in the township.

Blama Wright, the alleged illegal land seller

Mr. Captan displaying several write of arrest for Solomon Miller from the Court and the police, said he has always in hiding by avoiding been arrested, and in most cases bragged that nothing will never happen. “This guy usually hires criminals with dangerous weapons including cutlasses threatening to kill anyone who make to report him to authority; on a regular basis chase people out of their properties whenever he wants to carry out his illegal and criminal activities on people’s land. As I speak there are writs issued by the court for his arrest,” Mr. Captan speaking to the GNN said.

Captan explaining his ordeal to the GNN also disclosed that prior to the passing of his mother, several acres of land was made available to the people of the Township free of charge, but questioned the motive of Solomon Miller who has criminally involved himself in the illegal selling of land in the township.

For his part, the current Township Commissioner of Louisianan, Mr. Edward Dartu who appeared disappointed in the behaviors of Mr. Miller, and said he is taken aback, assuring the victims of his support to bring the alleged criminal to light.

Effort by the GNN to get Mr. Miller and Wright online proved unsuccessful, despite several of mobile phone calls. Investigation continues.

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