Louisiana Township Residents Accused Blama Wright Of Hiring Thugs To Brutalize Them

Blama Wright, the alleged illegal land seller

Residents of the Township of Louisiana in Montserrado County have accused one Blama Wright a former resident of the township of hiring dozens of thugs with cutlasses and other dangerous weapons to brutalize citizens in his bid to illegally sell several acres of land that is not his.

A victim of Blama’s illegal land sale

The citizens mainly the elderly speaking to the GNN on Monday, January 2, 2023 through their spokesman, Pastor Austin Dennis alleged that from the brutalities being melted against them by Wright and his thugs several citizens and land owners have been homeless, while others have been brutalized by Blama Wright and his thugs leaving many of the citizens to be hospitalized.

Victim of Blama’s thugs

The residents speaking further alleged that Blama and his paid thugs are rooming the township with cutlasses and other dangerous weapons targeting anyone who will go against the illegal action of their boss (Blama Wright), they also alleged how Blama ordered thugs to beat a man to death who they said has been a victim of Blama illegal land sale.

Elder and residents who spoke to GNN in a photo snap

Recounting further of Blama’s illegal sale of land in the township, the residents said he started the illegal sale of land in 2010 up to presence, and if anyone made any attempt to take him to the law he was always freed, bragging that the courts and the police are in his pocket.

An elder explaining his frustration over Blama’s illegal land sale

The residents speaking further also accused the former police chief, Chris Massaquoi, and the former County Attorney, Darku Mulbah who they alleged have shield Blama whenever he was arrested by the police and taken to the law, and also alleged that Blama has illegally sold over 125 acre of land belonging to Benjamin Dennis, the grandfather of Austin Dennis without the fear of God.

However, effort to contact Blama Wright via phone calls and text messages proved unsuccessful, as his mobile phone number 0776011618 rang endlessly, while text messages sent to him via his mobile phone are yet to comment on said allegations.

Our staff also made contact with both the former police chief, Chris Massaquio and the former County Attorney, Darku Mulbah but all efforts by our staff to contact them did not materialize.

Investigation continues.

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    We appreciate all that the GNN is doing to take the people from the captivity of Blama Wright

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