Looming Fear of Mining Disaster In Kingjor

Experts are predicting a major mining disaster likely to occur at the site of the Bea Mountain Mining Corporation (BMMC) in Grand Cape Mount County, a Western province in Liberia with an estimated population of 10,000 rural dwellers.

It was predicted about eight years ago, when  construction of the mine started in 2013-2014, and now becoming glaring and dangerously risky with the increasing underground mining at BMMC largest mining site in Kingjor, the expert who preferred anonymity said.

A team of Journalists who visited the four mining sites of BMMC, reported that fear has gripped several family members of mine workers who are required to leave behind their ID cards whenever venturing into the pit, estimated  over six miles drive deep, from ground surface.

BMMC is the biggest Gold and Diamond mining company, operating four major sites in Kingjor, NDBlama, Weiju and Tewor, Grand Cape Mount County, with an estimated workforce of over 2000.

There are over 500 Turkish, holding key and well paid technical positions, with bulk of the workforce, who are Liberian serving as casual and mine  workers, with minimal wages, a contractor told our reporters.

It is said that most of the Turkish are involved in diamond smuggling and are engaged in other acts that violate  the country’s Mineral Development Agreement.

The company poor waste management is also life threatening concerns to rural inhabitants at the four operating sites with the used of dangerous chemicals affecting the environments and in most cases sources of water supply.

Constant blasting is also of serious concern to rural dwellers, which they claimed has damaged several homes with limited or no option to seek redress for damages.

Off all the environmental damages and pollution, the looming fear of Community dwellers, is urging authorities to take appropriate action to avert the threat of a major disaster or landslide.

Several attempts by our team of reporters who toured the various site, to talk to authorities proved futile including several calls to BMMC Country Manager Debar Allen, who mobile phone rang endlessly without response.

In 1984, a major landslide occurred at No-way Camp, in Mano River,  Grand Cape Mount County, which left hundreds dead.

Investigation continues, part II.

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