Lonestar Cell MTN Revolutionizes the Smartphone Market with the Launch of the eSIM

(May 29, 203 Monrovia. Liberia) Lonestar Cell MTN, Liberia’s Leading technology company, today introduced the embedded Sim (eSim) to Liberia. 

The eSIM is a programmable SIM card that is embedded inside a device and can be connected to any mobile network, but it is not removeable. 

According to the Chief Marketing Officer, Abiodun Ajayi, the eSim technology gives subscribers the convenience of not having to worry about removing physical SIM cards when switching to an eSIM compatible device customers will only need to scan a QR Code that will be provided to them when they visit any of our Lonestar Cell MTN service centers.  

“In addition to mobile money, mobile voice and data packages, our subscribers can now switch sims seamlessly on the go.  When it comes to innovation, we pioneer and others follow,” he said.  

According to the GSMA, globally, there are only about 108 mobile network operators in the entire world that support e-SIM . Now, Lonestar Cell MTN is one of them and the first in Liberia to support E-sim technology.  

Chief Executive Officer Rahul De said that Lonestar Cell MTN is proud to bring this groundbreaking technology to Liberia.

“Our Ambition 2025 is to lead digital solutions for Africa’s progress. In line with the and the fourth industrial revolution, we envision a digital future for Liberia that keeps pace with other advanced countries around the world.  We are providing our subscribers with the technology they need to participate in global markets, ” he said. 

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